As a firm, we believe that the only proven way to manage wealth correctly is to follow rule-based approach that eliminates human error and emotion. By teaming up with Navellier Calculated Investing, we have been able to provide our clients with dynamically managed private accounts that are actively traded in order to meet their objective.

People are tired of the roller coaster…watching their nest eggs go up and down systematically. At Principium, we understand that most folks will need to participate in the stock market to a degree. Our investment principle is simple:

Our strategies are built on scientific research and constant analysis by leading professionals with decades of experience creating investment strategies for major endowments and multi-millionaires. At Principium, we truly want you to invest in your future.

Our team selects the best instruments, stocks, and ETF’s based on mathematical, economic, and statistical proof – then never fall in love with them. Our accounts need to move in accordance with current economic conditions, and we believe strongly in being on the sidelines when things get rocky.

Using a “model” based platform, a $200,000 account receives the same exact trading and management rules as a 2 Million dollar account, the way it should be. Whether you are seeking an income stream in retirement or simply looking to grow your dollars for the future, the single best avenue to great performance comes from mitigating loss.

Why Navellier?

Louis Navellier is one of the worlds foremost economists and for the last 30 years been a national voice on investing and quantitative investing. Having his distinguished team of mathematicians and analysts collaborate on our portfolios allows us to bring an unprecedented level of expertise and service to our Michigan clients.

What is your Fee?

We charge every managed account the same annual fee, and the funds are extracted on a quarterly basis. There are no commissions, trade charges, or extra amounts that the client pays. Bear in mind that most consumers pay similar or higher amounts in mutual fund based products when combined with management charges and some Variable Annuity riders.

Will Principium really “waive my fee” if the market suffers?

Absolutely. The Advisory portion of the fee structure can be waived until losses suffered in the account have been made up. We truly understand how frustrating it is to watch your money go down at times, and we are willing to suffer with you while taking the appropriate action to mitigate the loss and begin gaining ground. Please consult your advisor for details and terms of the investment advisory agreement.

Where is my money held?

We use TD Ameritrade, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and Fidelity Investments as custodians for our clients. All securities are placed in the name of the client, and they are able to see all the activity in their account at any time.