Medicare Advisory Services

Making the transition from employer-paid healthcare or an individual plan to Medicare can be confusing. With over 10,000 people each day turning 65, the landscape has become overwhelmed with supplemental salespeople and a phone that almost never stops ringing. Be assured though, that with the correct guidance from our team, you’ll be able to enroll in the most efficient plan.

Supplemental programs are basically identical, and although they are issued by private companies, are managed and designed by the government. The ONLY real difference between products is the price you pay and the method by which rates are adjusted. Because we are appointed with nearly every program in Michigan, we can price-compare each available plan in your area to ensure that you never overpay.

What about prescription drugs?

Most clients will choose to purchase an individual Medicare Part “D” plan, which covers the majority of the medications you may take. Beware that unlike the Medigap programs, these can differ in cost and benefit greatly, especially if you or your spouse take a high volume of prescription drugs. It is imperative that every individual have their drugs analyzed to ensure they enroll in the Part D plan that will cost them the least.

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